"What is in it for YOU?"
But before we answer know that if you aren't ready to question and grow,
this program is NOT for you!
First of all, you will confront the big question:
and discover if LEADERSHIP is even right for you!
Discover the 3 Dirty Little Leadership Secrets that no one else will tell you!
Learn what you need to know to begin a LEADERSHIP adventure and survive for more than a year
Confront your natural LEADERSHIP style and how to
adjust that style when necessary
Unearth your 5 dominant
personal strengths
Finally find out why anyone follows any leader and learn how to apply your strengths to lead
Explore methods of identifying commitment and  setting standards effectively 
Make the transition from
"effective" to "heroic"
Appreciate your significant role in the development of those you lead and discover
how to best help them
Create a burning desire to continue developing as a leader!

Leadership coaching, development, and training by design!