5-D LEADERSHIP has given me the tools and confidence to be the leader my people deserve. I learned how to enhance my skills as a leader and how to develop my people. I strongly recommend the 5-D program to young professionals in a leadership role. 

                   -Jenna P. recent college grad

5-D LEADERSHIP is a sure fire catalyst for recognizing, inspiring and equipping dynamic and compassionate leaders. 

-Connie Schroeder

High School teacher for 33 years.  

"Become THE LEADER Your PEOPLE DESERVE" addresses the core of superb management, i.e. day-to-day leadership. The stories are interesting and germaine. It will be useful for all managers, but especially first and middle level managers who want to become successful leaders!"

-B.J. Robinson VP of Sales

I intend to share "Become THE LEADER Your PEOPLE DESERVE" with my son. If I had only been exposed to this book earlier in my career, I could have been much more prepared to lead my region during my twenty-year career as a sales manager.

-C. Rodgers,

Regional Sales Manager

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