Richard Brown

Chief Lobster Wrangler

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   Richard has been putting together his own leadership puzzle for his entire adult life. That includes his college years, rarely included in anyone's definition of adult.

   As a midshipman enrolled in the Naval ROTC program at Oregon State University, he was one of two selected to serve in a midshipman officer position as a junior. In his senior year, he was appointed as Midshipman Battalion Commander, the highest leadership position available to a student. Named the USMC Honor Graduate, he served his country as an infantry officer. Prior to leaving the Corps, Richard was selected ahead of his peers for promotion to captain.

   Following his service in The Corps, he began a career in sales and leadership with Pfizer Inc. Four years later he was promoted to District Manager, again ahead of his peers. In 2001, Richard returned to the field to apply his experience to the most challenging type of leadership, leading those peers.

   Richard helped found PRE in 1998 as a means of bringing his unique vision of leadership to small business, coaches, teachers and young adults. After retiring from Pfizer, Richard has dedicated his "second adulthood to exploring, discussing and teaching leadership to those desire to accept that challenge.

    Three books authored by Richard, "Become THE LEADER Your PEOPLE DESERVE", "DeSERVE to Lead", and the soon to be published "Anatomy of Blue Lobster Leadership" describe his perspective on servant leadership, the foundation of his beliefs.


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