"Who was your


We ALL have one! A coach, a teacher, even a boss. That heroic influence on our lives that made us believe we could be more than we thought. They weren't easy on us. Instead they drove us until we believed in ourselves. That we could exceed the limits

that we had placed upon our own abilities. 

Even if their impact on us took place when we were young, it likely has stayed with us throughout our lives. 

They didn't set out to be heroes.  No hero does. 

Heroes are simply a person, no different than you, responding boldly

to an extraordinary situation, enhancing a life as a result.

What makes them heroes is their heroic response to that situation.

Even after the fact, very few of them even answer to the label "hero". 

It is PRE 's objective to help you enhance the LEADERSHIP abilities you already possess,

enabling you to pay the influence that your hero had upon you forward

to those you have the privilege to lead. 


Leadership coaching, development, and training by design!