Your leadership environment has unique challenges and opportunities. Let PRE help you find solutions that work for your special circumstances.

By getting to know you and your organization, PRE will customize our leadership seminars to address the issues that matter most to you.


Talking is nice, but unless the information you present is memorable, relevant and  easy to apply under fire, you  could be  wasting your time and your breath.

PRE relates its leadership philosophies to popular characters in classic movies such as Commander Lewis in "The Martian", Leanne Touhey in "The Blind Side" and Pete "Maverick" Mitchell of "Top Gun" fame along with many others. Through use of memorable clips from those films, leadership points come across loud and clear in manner that sticks with you so the knowledge is there when it counts.

Your mission will determine how PRE can best suit your needs. Programs range from 15 minute introduction to leadership with "Hawkings, Leadership, and Your Backyard, to a 12-month training, coaching, and mentoring relationship. From a pulse quickening keynote address to and in-depth leadership development examination of the leadership of Jesus Christ, PRE exists to fill YOUR needs, not ours. NEED A SPEAKER? LET'S CHAT AND MAKE IT HAPPEN!


PRE's comprehensive 5-D LEADERSHIP development program is based primarily on the content within our live seminar offerings. Those important basics are then supplmented with coaching and mentoring for a full 12-month period. In that way, participants can apply their experiences to the training they receive in a supportive team environment. 

Leadership coaching, development, and training by design!