The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place."

--George Bernard Shaw


If the following "frequently asked questions" don't match any of yours, click here and let's REALLY communicate!

TO BECOME THE LEADER YOUR PEOPLE DESERVE. But only if you believe your people deserve the best. 5-D LEADERSHIP does not deal with academic theory. We discuss real life situations that apply to any and all environments. Within 5-D, you will determine your mission statement, discover your vision, identify your key strengths and core leadership values. You will understand the process of generating trust in yourself, those you work FOR, as well as your own leaders. (Yes, that DOES make sense!) You need to care about what you do, but the you also need to show how you care with specific techniques for praise and corrective adjustment. We don't stop there. Understanding how work is affected by off duty hours is critical. Your decisions will determine your destiny. In 5-D LEADERSHIP, you learn how to positively impact that destiny. Then there is the awesome bond you will develop with your colleagues as you progress together through 5-D, and the rest of your career.

GOOD QUESTION! WHERE DO YOU WANT IT TO TAKE PLACE? 5-D LEADERSHIP is a nationwide program. Orlando, Boston, Denver, Seattle, Florida and Dallas / Fort Worth are all target markets. Don't see your locale listed? Contact us! Every place has a need. Show us a desire, and we will talk about how we can make it happen in your city. We are recruiting site coordinators to be our local contacts across America. If you become one, not only is your tuition free, but you stand to be an integral part of the planning and execution team that shares in the rewards, both financial as well as professional. Let's talk about coming aboard. Contact us through the "LET'S TALK BUTTON" on the menu above.

LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT IS A PROCESS. It doesn't happen after you read a book, attended a training session, or sit down with coach. Those can all help it develop, but the appropriate skills take time to understand and the growth experiences take time to occur. On your own, it could take years to even feel comfortable with the various critical challenges that will befall you and your organization. The intense, focused, and small group/one on one nature of 5-D LEADERSHIP is intended to condense and simplify the process to make you effective and inspirational that much sooner.

At this point, I would want an answer to my question, so here it is: 5-D LEADERSHIP is 20 hours of discussion of leadership fundamentals applied to the specific challenges that you face within your organization. This will get you started in a big way!

On the worldwide market, you can receive a full year of leadership development training, mentoring and consulting for the price of a "1957 thunderbird convertible". Which one would you like?


                                                                          Will it be a matter of    


          VALUE                                                     OR                                                        COST?




We understand your concern. This SHOULD be a primary issue. Once you decide you may want to commit, click the "LET'S TALK button above and we will be in touch. We think you will be pleased initially, and simply amazed upon the completion of the program!

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